​AI Based Site Monitor - SiMon AI

Aegis Logic Technologies is an advanced Artificial Intelligence based company that utilizes enhanced firewall cyber protection tools that provide advanced security for all servers utilizing our services. Our system incorporates a neural net based AI which is our 6th generation software evolution utilizing state-of-the-art custom encryption algorithms with network segmentation to secure our and clients data. Our system monitor will be deployed for the protection of our clients systems and data.

 Aegis Logic will enter the industry by performing security scrubs, then becoming a Gateway, Merchant account insurer and eventually a processor. Our secure fraud detection- firewall applications integrate years of risk management experience, PCIDSS and PADSS compliance and our site monitor to ensure state-of-the-art security.

Our Merchant Services including automated fraud protection tools with PCIDSS and PADSS compliance which assure low transaction fee realization.


AI Monitored Firewalls


Our AI site monitor Agent is our specialization in Network and Database security. Our systems are hardened to protect and block malicious traffic through the entire data interchange. All servers attached to our networks are protected and defended by our site monitor where we identify the source of the malicious traffic and block all computers associated with their network. Our Hacker Database is maintained by the site monitor and tracks all suspicious transaction traffic.


Site Integration and Data Exchange


We will assist you in integration, testing and evaluation your systems to provide unparalleled security. Contact our support personnel in the resolution of any concerns, questions or equipment related problems.